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Last Updated: Friday, 30 June 2006, 08:19 GMT 09:19 UK
18m waste energy plant progress
The new plant could cope with up to 90,000 tonnes of litter a year
A new 18m energy plant - which will use recycled waste - is to be built on the outskirts of Dumfries.

When completed, the plant will be able to produce enough electricity to power about 3,000 homes.

Manchester firm Ascot Environmental has been awarded the contract to build on the site near to the Shanks Eco-Deco, recycling plant east of Dumfries.

Work is due to start on the scheme in the autumn with completion expected by January 2008.

The company says the plant will incorporate some of the latest technology which has been proven at facilities in the US and Iceland.

Initial phase

When operational, it will accommodate 30,000 tonnes of waste a year, with the capacity to extend that to 90,000 tonnes.

The plant will be able to deal with a large cross section of material - from municipal to industrial and commercial waste.

In its initial phase, electricity production will run at 3MW a year, estimated to be enough to power about 3,000 homes.

Along with electricity, the residual ash produced by the plant will be suitable for re-use and recycling.

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