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Missing woman case remains open
Marion Hodge
Marion Hodge disappeared from her home nearly 22 years ago
A fresh inquiry into the disappearance 22 years ago of Lockerbie woman Marion Hodge has so far failed to turn up sufficient evidence for a prosecution.

The missing woman case was re-opened earlier this year and a major poster campaign appealed for new witnesses after the last sighting of her in 1984.

Procurator fiscal at Dumfries John Service confirmed there would be no criminal proceedings at this stage.

Mr Service stressed the investigation would still be treated as an open case.

Mother-of-two Mrs Hodge, 34, was working as a bank clerk in Lockerbie when she went missing from the family home at West House, Balgray, on 6 July 1984.

She was last reported seen on the Whitesands in Dumfries on the same day planning to catch a bus and has never been sighted since.

The investigation will remain as an open case for the police, Crown Office and procurator fiscal service
John Service
Procurator fiscal

She was officially declared dead through the Court of Session in 1992.

Hers is the last unsolved case on the books of the Dumfries and Galloway force.

"A thorough review of existing information, along with a major investigation and interview of further potential witnesses took place," Mr Service said.

"However, there is insufficient evidence to allow any criminal proceedings to be taken at this stage.

"The circumstances of her disappearance and death must be considered suspicious," he added.

"The investigation will remain as an open case for the police, Crown Office and procurator fiscal service."

Mr Service has informed members of Mrs Hodge's family of the current situation.

Missing person case is re-opened
14 Feb 06 |  Scotland

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