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Last Updated: Monday, 19 June 2006, 10:50 GMT 11:50 UK
Vandals try to burn England flag
England flag
An England flag was pulled down in the town of Kirkcudbright
Vandals in Dumfries and Galloway pulled down an England flag from a building and tried to set it on fire.

The flag was one of 10 which had been put up in Kirkcudbright's High Street by the community council but it was the only one removed from buildings.

Police are investigating the incident after they were called out by neighbours who spotted the vandals.

Provost Douglas Swan said the incident was World Cup-related and he hoped the culprits could be prosecuted.

The flags of the home countries were joined by others including the Union Flag, Canada, New Zealand, USA and Australia but it was only the English flag which was pulled down.

Mr Swan said the community council had gone to great lengths to put on the display.

"We spent a lot of money and time getting the flags mounted on the fronts of shops," he said.

The police have been investigating the incident and we want the person or persons responsible to be charged
Provost Douglas Swan

"We got permission from the owners of the various premises in the street and we just got them up at the end of the week, only to see this one being pulled down.

"All the other flags have been left alone.

"We think whoever is responsible was able to get up from a building which is being repaired next door."

"It is just vandalism and obviously it is in connection with the World Cup which is going on just now.

"The police have been investigating the incident and we want the person or persons responsible to be charged."

A police spokesman in Dumfries and Galloway confirmed that investigations were ongoing into the incident.

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