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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 June 2006, 10:47 GMT 11:47 UK
School safety gets funding boost
School bags
Funding has been secured towards greater pupil safety
A 150,000 investment has been announced to address health and safety concerns at Peebles High School.

Scottish Borders Council is putting in the funding to tackle problems with vehicle and pedestrian access.

A School Travel Plan will be developed this financial year to decide on the best way to carry out the work.

Construction work to provide safer separation routes between vehicles and pupils will then be undertaken over the summer holidays in 2007.

"The first stage is a detailed audit of current practices and identification of areas of concern," Jenny Bagnall, SBC school travel co-ordinator, said.

"From this our engineers will design improvement to access and the roads leading to the school.

"This is likely to include new parking bays, safer areas for buses and dedicated pedestrian areas."

Safety team

As well as improving pupil safety it is hoped the works will reduce traffic congestion around the school.

The move has been welcomed by head teacher John Brown as allowing students to create their own safe environment around the school.

A school safety team is being established to meet regularly and take the plans forward.

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