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Last Updated: Friday, 12 May 2006, 13:37 GMT 14:37 UK
Rod fee compromise on the cards
Angler on the river Esk
Anglers on the Esk may be covered by a general licence
A general licence with one fee paid for all anglers on the Scottish side of the Border Esk river is to be considered.

The matter was debated at Westminster after Tory MP David Mundell raised his concerns about individual charges.

At present the Environment Agency (EA) in England requires every angler using the Esk to pay a rod licence - the only arrangement of its kind in Scotland.

UK Fisheries Minister Ben Bradshaw said the EA had now indicated it would discuss introducing a general licence.

Mr Mundell maintains that with no rod licences on any other rivers in Scotland he sees no reason for them on the Scottish portion of the Esk.

He added that he would be happy to discuss the possibility of a general licence being brought in for the river north of the border.

The arrangement would see one fee paid to cover all people fishing the Scottish stretch of the river.

The fisheries minister told the Commons that talks could open on finding a resolution to the situation.

"The EA has now indicated a willingness to discuss the arrangements that would need to be in place for a general licence to Scottish fishers on the Border Esk," he confirmed.

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