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'Thankfully I was not infected by evil partner'

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Mark Deveraux did not tell women he was HIV positive

One of the women who had a relationship with a man who did not reveal he was HIV positive has spoken of his "despicable" actions.

The woman, now 27, was speaking about her former partner Mark Devereaux's conviction. She was with him in 2003.

She said: "Never in my worst nightmares could I have imagined him keeping something like the fact he was HIV positive from me.

"He was my partner and at that time, I trusted him."

'Trying for baby'

The woman, who lives in the Dundee area, explained: "Our year-long relationship ended when I found he was having an affair.

"He is definitely an evil person, there's no doubt about that - he is extremely manipulative."

She explained: "We had been trying for a baby after seeing each other for a long time and I wasn't aware that he was putting my health at risk.

"When you're in a long-term relationship, you really believe you know someone - then it turns out you didn't know them very well at all."

The woman added: "Thankfully, I wasn't infected with HIV - but one woman was and she will have to live with his callous and irresponsible behaviour for the rest of her life.

"What happened to her was horrendous and I really feel for her.

"I found it all difficult to cope with, but she must have gone through hell."

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