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Dog spared despite police attack

Clifford Graham and Russell Moore
Clifford Graham's dog attacked police officer Russell Moore

A rottweiler that bit a police officer in Aberdeen will not be destroyed, a sheriff has ruled.

The dog's owner, Clifford Graham, 43, was banned from owning a dog for five years and also ordered to carry out 140 hours of community service.

Grampian Pc Russell Moore was bitten on the hand as he tried to control it.

The dog ran off chasing a bus and trying to bite its tyres, Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard. Graham had been found guilty of a dangerous dog charge.

Graham had been drinking heavily on top of prescription drugs.

The dog was acting aggressively towards shoppers at the Mastrick shopping centre when police were called in May.

Protect owner

Officers arrived to find about 20 shoppers backed against a wall in fear.

Sheriff Richard McFarlane ruled that the dog was trying to protect its owner.

Sheriff McFarlane told Graham: "The dog was in that state because of the manner you were in. Your conduct is really the difficulty.

"There is enough in this case for me not to make a destruction order on the dog.

"However, because of your conduct, I do order you not to be in custody of a dog for five years."

The dog will now be rehomed.

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