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Last Updated: Monday, 17 March 2008, 11:53 GMT
Public views on television wanted
BBC television studio
Programmes are now watched on computers and mobile devices
The Scottish Broadcast Commission is seeking public views in Aberdeen and Shetland about what people want from television.

The first in a series of events is at Aberdeen Art Gallery on Wednesday and people can apply for free tickets.

There will be a similar event in Lerwick on 25 April.

Commission chairman Blair Jenkins said: "I would encourage anyone who wants to put their views to us on the subject of broadcasting in Scotland to apply."

The Scottish Broadcasting Commission has been set up to review the industry.

Blair Jenkins
We want to know whether people are satisfied with what's on the box
Blair Jenkins
Scottish Broadcast Commission

Mr Jenkins, former BBC Scotland head of news, said: "We know that television production offers great economic potential for Scotland and huge opportunities for people to develop creative skills.

"Like many industries now, broadcasting is a global market with worldwide audiences and revenues. Programmes are watched not just on television sets, but on computers and mobile devices.

"But at the heart of things is still the viewer. Without audiences, there is no demand and no market. The viewer, and what he or she wants to watch, influences the creativity and innovation of the programme-makers."

He added: "This is why, in addition to taking evidence from the broadcasters and others in the creative industries, the commission is holding a series of events around the country.

"For most of us, watching television is an important part of our daily lives. As the commission looks to make recommendations later this year for the way forward for broadcasting in Scotland, we want to make sure we understand the needs and wishes of the viewing public.

"We want to know whether people are satisfied with what's on the box."

The event on Wednesday at Aberdeen Art Gallery is at 1800 GMT.

Free tickets are available from the commission's website.

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