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Jail for man with violent history
Glasgow High court
Glasgow High Court heard Jaromin had a violent past
A Polish man with a history of violence in his own country has been jailed for eight years after admitting the rape of an Aberdeen woman.

Andrzej Jaromin, 45, will also be supervised for five years after his release.

The judge, Lord Mackay of Drumadoon, heard how Jaromin subjected the woman to a brutal rape and serious assault after they had been drinking.

He had been released from a six-year sentence in Poland two years ago.

The High Court in Glasgow heard he had come to Scotland to be with his parents and sister who live in Inverurie.

Lord Mackay told the court he had no powers to order Jaromin to be deported after he completes his sentence.

During a previous hearing, Jaromin, who had previous convictions in Poland, admitted assaulting and raping the 34-year-old woman in her flat in Aberdeen on 5 July last year.

Foreign convictions

The Crown accepted Jaromin's not guilty plea to a further charge of raping another woman at a car park in Aberdeen on 9 September after being freed on bail.

Lord Mackay said he had never before come across the Crown presenting foreign convictions before.

During the earlier hearing the court heard that Jaromin persuaded his victim to let him stay in her flat, claiming that he was so drunk he would crash his car and kill himself.

But inside the flat he turned "nasty" and dragged her through to a bedroom where he sexually assaulted her.

She feared she was going to be killed and begged him to stop.

Eventually the woman managed to reach her mobile phone and got onto the balcony of her flat to make a 999 call saying she had been badly beaten and raped.

Police who arrived at her home found a patch of blood with the victim's hair stuck to it on the living room wall.

They traced Jaromin who was renting a room in Inverurie to the accident and emergency department at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where he had gone for treatment to cuts, claiming he had been the victim of an attack by two men.

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