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Bizarre objects found in offices
Fox [generic]
A stuffed fox was one of the items found in a desk
A samurai sword and a stuffed fox were among the strange items found in the country's office desks.

A firm of relocation specialists has also been asked to move everything from a single banana to a grand piano.

A racing car, a display case said to contain the bones of saints and a collection of empty soft drink bottles were also highlighted.

The top 10 list of strange pieces in the workplace was compiled by Aberdeen-based Space Solutions.

The other leading items were a two-tonne drill bit, a voodoo doll and pornography.

We have been asked to move some very strange things
Lee Brandie
Space Solutions

Space Solutions business manager, Lee Brandie, said: "It never ceases to amaze me the bizarre range of items which are stored in offices around the country."

Mr Brandie said it was the most normal offices which produced some of the most bizarre finds.

He said: "At an oil and gas company someone had been fermenting wine in a drawer, which was rather strange.

"And at another firm we were asked to remove a stuffed fox and other stuffed animals which the managing director had in his office."

He added that one customer was a sponsor of Formula 3 which had a racing car as a display piece in the company's reception.

'Personal space'

Mr Brandie said: "Another time we had to transport ancient bones from a museum.

"We weren't aware of what the relics were until we did a risk assessment and realised they were the remains of saints.

"We have been asked to move some very strange things."

Psychologist Cynthia McVeigh said: "It is all about making your office your own personal space, and that will mean different things to different people.

"Some people will want to bring their home into the workplace to remind them their work is not the be all and end all."

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