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Last Updated: Monday, 17 December 2007, 14:31 GMT
Trump fires 'malicious' warning
Donald Trump
Ministers will decide on the 1bn Trump plans
Donald Trump has warned that "malicious and inaccurate" political attacks are threatening plans for his 1bn golf resort in Aberdeenshire.

The Trump Organisation was reacting to the row over the Scottish Government's decision to "call in" the application.

The Liberal Democrats have called for an independent inquiry.

The Trump Organisation said it was "dismayed" at the political attacks and urged the row be resolved before causing permanent damage.

The politician responsible should cease and desist before real and permanent damage is done
The Trump Organisation

First Minister Alex Salmond met Mr Trump's representatives the day before ministers decided to "call in" the golf resort plans for the Menie Estate, following its rejection on a casting vote at a meeting of Aberdeenshire Council's infrastructure committee.

Mr Salmond is forbidden from taking part in the planning process but insisted that, because the plans for two championship golf courses, 950 holiday homes and 36 golf villas fell into his Gordon constituency, he was duty bound to meet people on all sides.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Nicol Stephen said he wanted to see the Trump development go ahead, but said there were questions to be asked over whether there had been improper behaviour.

'Hardly unbiased'

He said: "I support the project with the appropriate safeguards, however if something has been done wrong by ministers, then that puts the project at risk, whatever the pros and cons of the application itself.

"The Trump Organisation is hardly an unbiased observer in all of this. The issues need to be resolved to avoid legal challenge and to allow the application to move forward. The sooner this is done the better."

The Trump Organisation said: "The Trump Organisation is dismayed at the political attacks.

"These attacks are more than misguided, they are malicious, inaccurate and potentially destructive and they threaten to once again endanger a 1bn project which has the overwhelming backing of the north east of Scotland.

"The politician responsible should cease and desist before real and permanent damage is done."

'Wrong message'

The councillor whose casting vote saw Mr Trump's plans rejected was sacked as the committee's chairman last week.

Aberdeenshire councillors voted to unseat Councillor Martin Ford as chairman of the infrastructure services committee at an emergency meeting.

He said it sent out the "wrong message" on the planning system's integrity.

Councillors also gave overwhelming support to the Trump plans, though the decision now rests with the Scottish Government.

Many environmental groups are opposed to the plans, which have divided locals but won support from business and tourism leaders.

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