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Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 December 2007, 09:47 GMT
Trump defends 1bn 'masterpiece'
Donald Trump in front of a poster advertising his new book
Mr Trump has written a letter to Aberdeenshire Council
Donald Trump has made an impassioned defence of his rejected proposals for a 1bn golf resort in Aberdeenshire.

He has written a letter to councillors ahead of their special meeting on Wednesday to discuss the controversy.

Mr Trump said it would be a "masterpiece", environmentally friendly, and be a source of "great pride, revenue and employment".

The decision will be taken by ministers after the application was "called in" by the Scottish Government.

Open letter

Mr Trump also said his representatives did not discuss "any particular details" of the planning application with the First Minister and local MSP Alex Salmond during a meeting last week.

He also indicated in the letter that Mr Salmond did not offer his support for the project.

The proposals for Aberdeenshire's Menie Estate were rejected by the local authority but were "called in" by ministers last Tuesday.

Finance Secretary John Swinney will have the final say on the Trump International Links scheme, which would include two championship golf courses and 1,500 homes.

RSPB Scotland director Stuart Housden has called for transparency and non-preferential treatment of the application in an open letter to Mr Swinney.

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