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Last Updated: Monday, 12 November 2007, 12:02 GMT
Vulture Wee Man gets 'girlfriend'
Wee Man the vulture after his escape [Pic: Press and Journal]
Wee Man the vulture returned home to the centre
A vulture which escaped from a bird rescue centre in Aberdeenshire is to be paired up with a female companion.

Wee Man, an African white-backed vulture, made headlines in October when he flew off from the 2Wit 2Woo sanctuary near Huntly.

He had perched 30ft up a nearby pine tree, but eventually returned home to look for food two weeks later.

Staff at the centre are now introducing him to Keera, another African white-backed vulture.

Tricia Downie, who helps run the centre, told the BBC Scotland news website of the new pairing: "Wee Man seems quite taken with Keera, she's bigger than he is but every bit as tame.

"They are being slowly introduced to each other and we will move them nearer and nearer.

"Now he's home safe and sound he's quite a happy chappy with his new girlfriend. It's a bit of company for him. Hopefully he won't stray again."

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