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Rescued car kitten gets new home
The kitten rescued from a car
It is hoped the rescued kitten will have a happy life
A tiny kitten rescued from a car engine has gone to a new home.

The BBC Scotland news website revealed how the ginger kitten was found by driver Victor Gallacher when his engine was not making its usual purr.

Thought to be about eight weeks old, the kitten had climbed inside the bonnet in Aberdeen and had a city tour before its cries were heard.

The cat home looking after the kitten was inundated with offers, and he went to a new owner on Monday.

Mr Gallacher, 61, of Bucksburn, Aberdeen, had been driving for several miles across the city in his Rover 400 when he became aware of an unusual noise.

He stopped and rescued the unharmed but oily passenger.

'Happy kitten'

The kitten had since been cared for at Mrs Murray's Home for Stray Dogs and Cats and Re-homing Centre in Aberdeen's Seaton area.

The BBC Scotland news website story about the rescue was viewed more than 155,000 times on Thursday, and it also featured on BBC television and radio.

However, the kitten was not claimed by anyone so had to be re-homed.

Assistant manager Vikki McRobbie said: "The new owner is a lady who came and saw the kitten.

"She was really happy with the kitten and it was happy with her, which is the main thing.

"We are really pleased it's away to a new home and hope it has a good life."

She said: "We had phone calls and e-mails from all over the country."

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