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Unusual car purr was stuck kitten
The kitten rescued from a car
The ginger kitten is now being cared for at a home for strays
A driver whose car engine was not making its usual purr was amazed to find the noise was being made by a tiny kitten.

The ginger kitten, thought to be about eight weeks old, had climbed inside the engine in Aberdeen and had a city tour before its cries were heard.

Driver Victor Gallacher stopped to investigate and pulled him to safety.

The Scottish SPCA was called in and the kitten is now in a home for strays. It will be re-homed if not claimed.

Mr Gallacher, 61, of Bucksburn, Aberdeen, had been driving for several miles across the city in his Rover 400 when he became aware of an unusual noise.

He revealed to the BBC Scotland news website: "There was suddenly a terribly loud noise so I stopped and looked under the car and could not see anything.

He was a very very lucky kitten. He was very shaken but unhurt - he was a bit oily on his face, ears and chin
Marion Lamont
Scottish SPCA ambulance driver

"Then I looked in the engine and there was a kitten under the battery.

"I was very concerned and phoned my daughter, who phoned the Scottish SPCA."

He continued: "When I looked again it had moved to the fan belt. It was terrified. So I grabbed it by the scruff of the neck and put it in an empty box I had and sat it in the front seat with me. It did not seem to be hurt.

"The kitten was taken for a check-up and seemed to be okay. It's impossible to say where it got into the car.

"It could have been the end of it, but thankfully it survived."

Scottish SPCA ambulance driver Marion Lamont told BBC Scotland: "He was a very very lucky kitten.

Victor Gallacher in his car
Mr Gallacher said he was relieved the kitten survived unscathed

"He was very shaken but unhurt - he was a bit oily on his face, ears and chin."

The kitten is being cared for at Mrs Murray's Home for Stray Dogs and Cats and Re-homing Centre in Aberdeen's Seaton area.

If he is not claimed by the end of this week he will be available for re-homing, which is why he has not been given a name by staff.

Animal care assistant at the centre, Helen-Louise Smith, said: "He's really friendly, playful and nosey. He would make a good pet."

Anyone who thinks the kitten may be theirs, or who could rehome him or any other cats and dogs, can contact the centre on (01224) 483624 or via enquiries@mrsmurrays.fsnet.co.uk

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