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Council staff in threesome jibes
Tom McNeil [Pic: Newsline]
Tom McNeil's wife gave evidence at the industrial tribunal
A council worker was named on a planning application with her husband and alleged lover, causing jokes about threesomes, a tribunal has heard.

Tom McNeil claims he was forced to quit his senior job with Aberdeen City Council after seeing two colleagues having sex in council offices.

His wife said an alleged affair between Brian Woodcock and another senior manager was the subject of ridicule.

Staff traded sex favours for promotion, the ongoing tribunal has heard.

Mr McNeil's fellow council worker wife Helen told the tribunal her line manager had revealed details of a planning application made to the council.

She claimed it carried the names of the woman, who cannot be named, her husband, and Mr Woodcock, the man the woman was alleged to have been having an affair with.

Happily married

The mother-of-two said: "There were three-in-the-bed jokes about them living at the same address and whether they shared the bed in shifts."

She said a senior staff member then found a picture so he could see what the woman involved looked like.

Mrs McNeil said her husband told her at the time about catching his colleagues sexually involved together.

Earlier in the tribunal it was suggested that Mr McNeil had been involved in relationships with two of his junior staff. He denied the allegations.

Frank Lefevre, representing Mr McNeil, asked Mrs McNeil if she had ever been told anything about her husband's alleged affairs.

Mrs McNeil, who said she had been happily married for nearly 30 years, said: "No-one ever told me anything."

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