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Council worker 'slept with boss'
Aberdeen City Council [Pic: Aberdeen City Council]
The tribunal case involves Aberdeen City Council staff
A former Aberdeen City Council employee has claimed that a manager received special treatment because she was sleeping with a senior staff member.

Tom McNeil, 52, said the female worker - who cannot be named for legal reasons - was promoted and given a pay rise.

He told an employment tribunal that the married worker was in a relationship with senior manager Brian Woodcock.

Sports and leisure manager Mr McNeil claims he was forced to quit his job. The tribunal hearing continues.

Mr McNeil was suspended from his position with the council after he reported the office affair to council bosses.

The council claimed he had breached its confidence after discussing matters relating to an ongoing investigation into the affair with other employees.

Playing 'footsie'

Mr McNeil told the tribunal hearing: "How can I breach confidence when the affair was common knowledge and the subject of an inside joke?

"Colleagues regularly discussed the affair making reference to the female member of staff's attempts to groom herself by brushing her hair and putting on perfume before she went out to lunch with Mr Woodcock."

Mr McNeil said he witnessed the pair having sex behind a partition in an office.

He added that a janitor at a council-owned leisure complex claimed to have witnessed them having sex in the showers of the centre.

He said the two were also spotted playing "footsie" under the table at a team building exercise.

He said the atmosphere in the department after her promotion and pay rise was "disgruntled".

Mr McNeil added: "People were not happy and not amused.

"The first thing she did was buy a car and she was telling everybody about her new kitchen and about her fancy holidays."

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