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Custody for tractor chase teens
Garry (left) and Alistair Stewart [Pics: Newsline]
Garry (left) and Alistair Stewart were sentenced in Aberdeen
Two teenagers involved in a 23-mile police chase in Aberdeenshire after stealing a tractor have received custodial sentences.

Driver Garry Stewart, 17, and passenger Alistair Stewart, 18, left a trail of destruction, including ramming a police car which tried to stop them.

Alistair Stewart smashed the tractor window and threw a fire extinguisher and other tools at officers.

Garry Stewart received 15 months, with nine months for Alistair Stewart.

At Aberdeen Sheriff Court, Garry Stewart admitted the theft from Pitmedden had been "stupid".

Swerving tractor

The teenagers drove in the dark with the lights off and weaved from side to side in the face of oncoming traffic after taking the tractor from Pitmedden and heading towards Aberdeen city centre.

Garry Stewart rammed the back of a marked police car and shunted it along the road while his passenger threw items. The driver also attempted to force other police off the road by swerving towards them.

The tractor [Pic: Courtesy Grampian Police / Crown Office]

He repeatedly drove erratically, ignored no entry signs, failed to stop when asked, repeatedly sounded the horn and gesticulated at police.

The teenager, of Macduff, Aberdeenshire, admitted driving dangerously.

He also admitted stealing the tractor from Millbank, Pitmedden, and driving without a licence or insurance, on 25 June last year.

Only 16 at the time of the offence, he had originally been charged with assault to the danger of lives.

Alistair Stewart, of Whiterashes, Aberdeenshire, admitted culpable and reckless conduct.

Garry Stewart - also banned from driving for four years - said outside court: "I am sorry to the farmer I stole it from. I know the police put their lives at risk. It was pretty stupid."

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