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Papergirl rape bid culprit jailed
James Murison [Pic: Firstpix]
James Murison forced the papergirl into his house
A man who abducted and tied up a papergirl during a rape attempt in an Aberdeenshire town has been jailed for eight years.

James Murison forced the girl, who was 13, into his house in Huntly while she was delivering newspapers.

He made her remove her clothes, put a pillowcase over her head and sexually assaulted her in January. Police saved her when she was reported missing.

Murison, 44, admitted assault with intent to rape.

The abduction happened in Huntly on 3 January during a morning paper round.

Murison was jailed at the High Court in Aberdeen, where relatives said Murison was a "fiend". He will also be on licence for eight years after his release.

She recalls finding the house in darkness and hearing the house door being locked behind her
Alex Prentice
Advocate depute

The girl, who was in court for the sentencing, cried as Murison was jailed.

Her relatives said it was important she was in court to see justice, and they were glad her attacker was now behind bars for the foreseeable future.

Judge Lord Hodge told Murison: "You have harmed your victim, who was a child, by your sexual abuse and had the police not rescued her, it is not clear how the incident would have ended.

"You seem to have little insight into the harm your actions have caused."

The girl's relatives said they were "proud" of how she had handled the "awful" trauma.

Murison seized hold of her, forced her into the house, locked the door and pulled her up the stairs. After forcing her to remove her clothes he bound her wrists and ankles.

He also placed a gag over her mouth, kissed her, sexually assaulted her, removed his clothing and lay on top of her with intent to rape her, all to her injury.

Screaming loudly

Advocate depute Alex Prentice previously said: "She recalls finding the house in darkness and hearing the house door being locked behind her."

Mr Prentice said that at the top of the stairs she was directed by Murison to a bedroom and told to remove her clothes and lie on a bed. He told the court: "She complied with this, fearing for safety."

First offender Murison, who lived alone, went into a wardrobe and took out what seemed to be lengths of thick ribbon which he used to tie his victim's wrists behind her back and bind her ankles.

The girl repeatedly asked him why he was doing this and was told to "shut up", the court heard. He then put a pillowcase over her head and sexually abused her.

The High Court in Aberdeen
Sentence was passed at the High Court in Aberdeen

When he was out the room she managed to free one of her hands and then her feet and tried to climb out the bedroom window, while screaming loudly for help.

Police, who had been alerted, rescued the girl and Murison was arrested.

The advocate depute said Murison was asked how long he planned to keep his victim and replied: "As long as it was possible - for a day."

Mr Prentice said: "The whole matter must have been a substantial trauma. It is impossible to say what the long-term impact will be.

"She finds it very difficult being in bed as this reminds her of this incident. She has reported that when in bed at night she can see the accused and can smell him."

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