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Last Updated: Saturday, 14 April 2007, 15:27 GMT 16:27 UK
Capsized ship to be towed inshore
Transocean Rather rig [Pic: Vic Clouston]
The upturned ship is still attached to the Transocean Rather rig
Moves are being made to tow the Norwegian oil supply ship which capsized off Shetland to shore.

Seven of the crew survived the accident but three sailors have been confirmed dead. Five other missing crew members are also presumed dead.

Among them are 14-year-old David Remøy and his father Oddne Arve Remøy, thought to be the ship's captain.

It is believed the bodies of the missing five may be inside the boat which overturned on Thursday.

The accident happened as it moved an anchor for a drilling rig, about 86 miles (138km) off Shetland.

Dutch salvage contactors Smit Salvage are at the boat's location and hope to recover the anchor chain which still attaches the Bourbon Dolphin to the Transocean Rather rig it was working on.

Once that has been completed, the firm intent to tow the upturned vessel inshore.

Capsized vessel location graphic
The boat capsized about 86 miles from Shetland

Royal Navy divers entered the submerged vessel three times on Friday but were forced to withdraw amid rough seas. They found no signs of life during the dives they managed to make.

A Shetland spokesman said: "Navy divers dived on the ship and on the wheelhouse but found nothing. That is all they were able to achieve."

It was deemed too dangerous for the divers to try and get inside the hull due to the strong currents and poor visibility.

The seven surviving crewmen were taken to hospital and later moved into a local hotel.

The have revealed that it took less than five minutes for the boat to capsize. They managed to jump into the sea before being rescued.

The boat's operators, Bourbon Offshore Norwary, released the names of the eight crew members who died or were feared dead including Mr Remøy and his son.

They are Ronny Emblem, 25, Bjarte Grimstad, 37, Søren Kroer, 27, Frank Nygård, 42, Kjetil Rune Våge, 31, and Tor Karl Sandø, 54.

The identities of the three bodies recovered have still to be confirmed.

Bourbon Offshore managing director Trond Myklebust said: "This is the worst day in the company. It's tragic for us but we are trying to focus on helping the relatives.

"At this stage we do not know how it happened. We only know it happened quickly."

A memorial service for the crew is to be held in Shetland on Sunday.

Support vessels are at the scene of the capsized ship

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