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Postman designs new Orkney flag
Orkney flag
The new flag was designed using a child's crayon set
A postman from Orkney has designed the new official flag for the islands using his grandchildren's crayons.

Duncan Tullock's blue, yellow and red design is set to fly over the island after being voted the best of 100 designs submitted to the council.

The flag replaces the red and yellow cross of St Magnus, which was ruled too similar to other national banners.

Mr Tullock, 52, took just two hours to come up with the design after borrowing his granddaughters' crayon set.

Eilidh, 3, Grace, 2, and babies Jennifer and Katie allowed him to borrow their crayons to sketch out his first design.

His flag keeps the red and yellow colours of the original flag, along with a blue cross to represent Scotland and the sea.


Mr Tullock, from Birsay, said: "My first design was created with the girls' crayons. Obviously, the final submission was a bit more professional, but it all started with their crayons and a sketch book.

"They are very proud of me now and I'm glad they let me use them. I entered four designs, but I kept going back to this one. It was definitely my favourite.

"Orkney has always been represented by red, so that was an obvious choice. The yellow symbolizes the royal standards of both Scotland and Norway and blue is for Scotland, and also for the sea that surrounds us."

Islanders submitted 100 designs as part of a competition to design the new community flag for Orkney, with the list being reduced to 12 by a panel including councillors and the council's Chief Executive.

Hopefully my flag will be around for a long time. As the official flag of Orkney, it should be around forever
Duncan Tullock

Following initial consultation with the Lord Lyon King of Arms, five designs were short listed and put on ballot papers for an island-wide referendum.

Mr Tullock's flag was chosen after 53% of residents voted it the best. A formal application will now be made to the Lord Lyon for authorisation to fly Mr Tullock's flag from public buildings across Orkney.

"Hopefully my flag will be around for a long time. As the official flag of Orkney, it should be around forever," Mr Tullock added.

"I'm enjoying my moment of fame and I hope there will be a big celebration when it is launched."

Lord Lyon, Scotland's heraldic authority, ruled in 2001 that the traditional flag of St Magnus was too similar to other national flags, including the old arms of the Kingdom of Ulster.


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