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Woman tells of train crash escape
Jaclyn McKenna in the Cumbria crash (picture: Caroline Thomson)
Jaclyn McKenna was pictured stumbling through the train
A Scottish woman has been reliving her escape from the fatal train crash in Cumbria.

Jaclyn McKenna, from Catterline, Aberdeenshire, was travelling home for her 20th birthday on the train which crashed on Friday, leaving one dead.

She was pictured stumbling through the train wreck by a fellow passenger.

Miss McKenna told BBC Scotland: "I remember standing up and there was blood everywhere. I try not to think about it to be honest."

She was photographed by Caroline Thomson, chief operating officer for the BBC, when the train derailed.

It was strangely calm, we kept asking everyone if they were okay
Jaclyn McKenna
Crash survivor

Margaret Masson, 84, from Glasgow, died after the crash and eight people were seriously injured, including Mrs Masson's daughter and son-in-law Margaret Langley, 61, and Richard Langley, 63.

Miss McKenna said: "The train began to shake and it felt like turbulence. Just about seven seconds later the train suddenly jerked over to the right and that's when we were thrown.

"I think I must have been knocked out. I split my head open.

"It was strangely calm, we kept asking everyone if they were okay."

'No chance'

Iain Black, 46, the train driver, suffered a broken collar bone and a broken bone in his neck, his union Aslef said.

He is expected to remain in hospital for about a month and has been praised for his efforts in trying to keep the train on the rails.

Miss McKenna agreed and said: "There's no chance we would have got out."

The inquiry is focusing on a set of points to the south of the crash site.

A forensic examination is expected to continue at the site for several days.

Network Rail said it had found nothing of concern after checking 700 similar points in the wake of Friday's crash.

Meanwhile, there have been calls for an independent public inquiry into the crash.


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