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Police condemn drink-drive rise
Grampian Police said the figures for the region were alarming
The capture of more than 100 drink-drivers in Grampian over the festive period has been condemned.

A total of 107 drivers tested positive during the period from 6 December to 3 January, an increase of 3% on last year's figures.

Officers said they were "extremely disappointed" in the increase.

Grampian Police Ch Insp Tom Forrester said: "These figures show there is a hardcore of motorists prepared to risk lives."

The annual festive message warning motorists about the perils of drinking and driving was issued by Grampian Police in early December.

Regrettably, 107 motorists made the wrong choice
Ch Insp Tom Forrester
Grampian Police

The various organisations trying to improve road safety launched the campaign with the message: "Which bed are you sleeping in this Christmas?"

A poster showed a normal bed, but also a police cell bed and a hospital bed.

Injuries down

Chf Insp Forrester said: "Throughout 2006 Grampian Police continually called on motorists to heed the messages that can save lives in the north east of Scotland.

"These alarming figures show that there is a hardcore of motorists who are prepared to risk their lives and the lives of others and I deplore their actions.

"I warned people at the start of the campaign that they had to make the right choice and not end up spending the night in a police cell. Regrettably, 107 motorists made the wrong choice."

He added that "thankfully" there was a significant reduction in the number of injury collisions during this period, with the number falling from 101 last year to 55 this year.

He added: "I would commend those members of the public who took the time to provide information about those people in our community who are driving whilst under the influence."

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