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Drink-drivers branded 'shocking'
Motorist being breathalysed
Police said there was no excuse for drinking and driving
The capture of 26 drink-drivers in Grampian before Christmas has been described as "shocking" by police.

They were caught at the weekend during increased Grampian Police patrols as part of the festive safety campaign.

Nine were in North Aberdeenshire, eight in Moray, six in Aberdeen and three in South Aberdeenshire.

Force road safety manager Leslie Harrold said: "It is shocking that so many drivers would have so little regard for other road users' safety."

The annual festive message warning motorists about the perils of drinking and driving was launched by Grampian Police two weeks ago.

The various organisations trying to improve road safety have launched the campaign with the message: "Which bed are you sleeping in this Christmas?"

Grampian Police anti-drink drive poster
The posters aim to get the stark message across to drivers

A poster shows a normal bed, but also a police cell bed and a hospital bed.

Mr Harrold said of the 26 drivers traced: "Whether they had just had the odd glass of wine at lunchtime or several drinks in the evening, they still had the choice to get home safely and legally.

"These drivers do not care about you and your safety when they are trying to get home after drinking, and obviously see no wrong in trying to drive.

"At this time of year, with the roads and pavements being so busy with Christmas shoppers, these drink-drivers are running a higher risk of injuring some innocent road users by their reckless actions."

He said there was "no excuse" for anyone drink-driving, as revellers could have taken a bus or taxi home, or arranged for someone to pick them up.

There have been about 800 allegations of drink-driving reported in Grampian this year so far.

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