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Northern's Ross statement in full
Great Glen Ways
Police found Marty Layman-Mendonca on a Great Glen Ways path
Northern Constabulary's Detective Superintendent Gordon Urquhart has issued the following statement on the sentencing of Colin Ross.

Northern Constabulary, Highland Council and their partnership agencies work closely together to manage sex offenders living in our communities.

The inter-agency approach aims to ensure that the correct balance is achieved between the rights of children and vulnerable adults to be protected from abuse and the rights of individuals to privacy and confidentiality.

This inter-agency approach ensures that appropriate accommodation, suitable to the individual's needs, is provided and that multi-agency monitoring is implemented which provides the greatest security and safety for all.

We in the Highlands use all legislative means available to ensure suitable control over these individuals and will seek court orders with suitable conditions which are relevant and proportionate to the assessed risk posed by the individual.

In this case the Force applied for and was granted a Sexual Offence Prevention Order prior to his release from prison.

This provided a pro-active use of legislation designed to reduce the risk to children and vulnerable adults.

By being the subject of a SOPO Colin Ross was placed on the sex offenders register despite the fact he has never been convicted of a sexual offence.

'Potential risk'

The group ensured that a licence condition was in place to restrict his movements during specific hours through a "tagging" process.

The offender had daily contact with members of this group designed to monitor his behaviour and support the individual in the community whilst reducing his potential risk.

Sadly on this occasion, despite the best efforts of the multi-agency group, this individual re-offended.

Within hours of this incident being reported some excellent Police work ensured that this man was apprehended and reported for the terrible crime he committed and will now be placed behind bars for a considerable period.

The Highlands and Islands remain one of the safest places to live, work and invest and incidents such as this are extremely rare in the Force area.

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