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Last Updated: Wednesday, 13 December 2006, 16:49 GMT
Aberdeen Airport plan to take off
Airport protesters
Protesters claim more aircraft would mean more pollution
Controversial plans to extend the runway at Aberdeen Airport have been approved by councillors.

The 300m extension would allow bigger, more energy efficient aircraft to land, but environmental campaigners are against the idea.

Groups including Aberdeen Against Climate Change have objected.

However a full meeting of Aberdeen City Council voted 33 to six in favour of extending the north of the runway on Wednesday afternoon.

Aberdeen Airport is one of BAA's best performing in Scotland.

More pollution

Airport bosses claim that larger, more modern aircraft would not only mean more passengers and more international routes, but would also reduce air and noise pollution.

However, Aberdeen Against Climate Change said a similar runway extension at Stansted Airport near London had already been thrown out on environmental grounds.

It claims more aircraft would mean more pollution.

The council's head of planning, Dr Margaret Bochel, had said in a report that the extension was needed for a "dynamic local economy".

She said objections on the grounds of the impact on climate change could not be used to refuse a planning application.

'Ambitious blueprint'

Airport managing director Andy Flower described the decision as a "major milestone" which was positive for the airport and for the region.

"The airport is an important asset for the region, in terms of the employment and investment it sustains, and in its role as a business and tourism gateway.

"It is vital that we maintain this momentum and continue to invest in what is an integral part of the transport and economic infrastructure of the north-east.

"This ambitious blueprint will set out our vision for the sustainable and responsible development of Aberdeen Airport over the next quarter century."

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