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Gas platform leak is 'secured'
Jake Molloy
Jake Molloy said the industry needed to be transparent
A gas leak on a North Sea gas platform has been secured.

The installation manager on Brae Alpha, which lies 140 miles north east of Aberdeen, reported the leak to the coastguard on Monday night.

It had been thought that the 171 workers would have to be evacuated and four helicopters were scrambled.

All workers were called to their muster stations but engineers were able to stop the gas escaping and nobody had to be taken off the platform.

No-one was injured.

A spokeswoman for the platform's owners, Marathon Oil, said the platform had been shut down and depressurised.

She said the Texas-based gas and oil company was now working to "resolve" the situation on board Brae Alpha.

'Major incident'

Aberdeen Coastguard watch manager David Robertson said his service was alerted at just after 1920 GMT, and that he initially treated it as a major incident.

Four rescue helicopters which can take about 12 people each were scrambled - two from Shetland, one from RAF Lossiemouth in Moray and another from Aberdeen.

Mr Roberstson said: "We treated it as a major incident, but the situation is no longer at the crisis level.

"The aircraft were stood down in agreement with the offshore company."

Jake Molloy, of the OILC union, said: "The Brae's had a few gas leaks over the last few years and I think that's for us the real concern.

"We learn little or nothing from them.

"Transparency is what we are needing in this industry, it's been lacking for far too long, it's time we opened up to expose and learn from incidents of this nature."

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