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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 November 2006, 13:57 GMT
Warning over fake designer scam
Fake designer jeans
Trading standards officers are warning shoppers over fake clothing
Shoppers have been warned not to buy counterfeit clothes on offer in Aberdeen industrial estates.

The city council's trading standards service said it had received reports of foreign nationals passing off clothing as designer brands.

Men with Italian accents are selling suits, shirts and leather jackets from hire cars at Altens industrial estate.

They claimed to have been to a fashion show at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre.

They have shown members of the public several items, which they offer to give them free if they purchase one item of clothing.

In one case, a fake "designer" suede jacket was offered for sale at 295. Other garments have been passed off as Armani.

A trading standards spokesman said: "We would advise the public to avoid buying this illegal clothing and point out that they have no chance of tracing the trader to get any money back if it is unsatisfactory in any way."

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