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'Oldest' woman dies at age of 111
Annie Knight
Annie Knight said her long life was down to porridge and no alcohol
A former suffragette, who was believed to be the oldest person in Britain, has died at the age of 111.

Tributes were paid to Annie Knight, who died at the Royal Cornhill Hospital in Aberdeen on Monday.

Mrs Knight, who lived in three centuries, put her long life down to a diet of porridge, no alcohol and the occasional sweet.

Mrs Knight's son Bill, 86, said his mother's life had been "terrific" and very interesting.

He added: "She looked well and was proud to have lived so long. She was a keen suffragette and a Scottish nationalist who was not afraid to speak her mind."

Mrs Knight, who had two grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren, was born in Glasgow on 6 June, 1895.

First World War

She moved to Aberdeen as a young girl when her father got a job at an engineering works in the city.

After leaving school, she worked in a shop while studying in the evenings to get a degree from the London School of Music.

Mrs Knight then qualified as a piano teacher and taught piano in Aberdeen's Belmont Road.

She met her future husband, a policeman, when he was on leave during the First World War and they married in 1918.

Shortly afterwards, William was called up to serve with the Royal Irish Police. The couple had two children, Bill and Harold, who both served in World War II.

Far afield

When her husband died in his 80s, Mrs Knight moved from their home to the City Hospital and then to Cornhill.

She shared her birthday with Britain's oldest man, Henry Allingham, who turned 110 in June.

Mrs Knight celebrated her 111th birthday with balloons, cake and her family around her.

She received cards from relatives from as far afield as the US and Germany and a telegram from the Queen.

A spokeswoman for Guinness World Records said she could not confirm that Mrs Knight was Britain's oldest person as the organisation had not received all the necessary documentation from her family.

Mrs Knight's funeral will take place at Aberdeen Crematorium on Monday.

The oldest person in the world is 116-year-old Elizabeth Bolden, of Memphis, Tennessee.

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