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Hospital 'failed to find pellet'
Tony Wallace and the X-ray
An X-ray has revealed the pellet in Tony Wallace's neck
The mother of a schoolboy has accused hospital staff of failing to spot an airgun pellet in his neck.

Tony Wallace, from Cruden Bay, was injured on 2 August and went to Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital.

Tony's mother said he was not given an X-ray and the pellet remained in his neck for several weeks.

The pellet has since been found and is expected to be removed on Thursday. Health officials said they would investigate any formal complaint made.

Mrs Wallace, 42, told the BBC Scotland news website: "He was just going down a lane and was hit by something.

It's been in there all this time. I think it's caused an infection
Fiona Wallace
Tony's mother

"He came screaming round the corner with blood pouring from him."

The primary seven pupil was taken to hospital, where Mrs Wallace said the injury was cleaned.

She said: "He came home, but a few weeks later he was complaining about a lump.

Boy charged

"So I took him to our local doctor who asked if we had had an X-ray and I said no.

"Tony went back to hospital and got an X-ray and they realised there was a pellet. He is getting it removed on Thursday.

"I am really angry, they should have done an X-ray. It's been in there all this time. I think it's caused an infection. I want answers."

An NHS Grampian spokesman said the family could get in touch with their concerns and the case would be investigated.

A Grampian Police spokesman said a 12-year-old boy had been charged in connection with the incident and report had been sent to the children's reporter.

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