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Chef's charity meal stays afloat
Martin Wishart
The Michelin-starred chef produced a five-course banquet
A renowned Scottish chef was forced to prepare a banquet on a North Sea ferry after his intended flight was grounded.

Michelin-starred Martin Wishart was due in Shetland to cook for a black tie dinner to raise money for Lerwick's Gilbert Bain Hospital.

His flight was grounded due to bad weather and the Edinburgh chef caught the NorthLink ferry from Aberdeen.

He then borrowed the ferry galley to prepare the banquet on board so it was ready on his arrival at the event.

The chef and two colleagues were assisted on board by the ferry's own executive chef Tony Matson as they tried to make up for lost preparation time.

The charity menu was a five-course meal.

It consisted of pumpkin soup, tartlet, locally fished cod with lentils and tarragon, medallions of lamb and a chocolate torte dessert with locally made ice-cream.

'Pretty excited'

Mr Matson said: "There was a reasonable amount of movement during the crossing which creates its own challenge when preparing food.

"Cooking in a galley is quite a different discipline to working in a kitchen on dry land.

"But Martin and his chefs were pretty excited about the opportunity to give it a try and they coped very well indeed.

"Just meeting Martin was a great privilege for me, so to find myself in a situation where I was showing him the ropes, as it were, was a fantastic experience and I think he and his team regarded it as quite an adventure."

The event in Lerwick raised thousands of pounds for a CAT scanner at Gilbert Bain.

Chef's banquet preparations 'all at sea'


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