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Snoring horse has life-saving op
International League for the Protection of Horses/PA
A horse renowned for its "foghorn" snoring is breathing easy after a life-saving operation.

Rescue horse Rocky used to keep his stablemates awake with his ear-splitting snores.

After several treatments failed to work, vets discovered a massive cyst, the size of a human hand, lodged deep in his nose.

The 12-year-old Friesian Cross is now making a good recovery at his home at Belwade Farm in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire.

Rocky was driving staff and fellow horses mad with his drones, which could be heard up to two fields away.

You could be standing two fields away and you could still hear it
Eileen Gillen

To the relief of his owner Eileen Gillen the cyst was benign.

Miss Gillen, who runs a charity horse rehabilitation centre at the farm, said staff first noticed a problem at the beginning of the year when Rocky developed a persistently runny nose.

She said: "The longer it went on, the louder his snoring got until it was really loud, like a foghorn.

"It was even happening when he was awake. You could be standing two fields away and you could still hear it."

Conventional treatments failed and in June Miss Gillen referred Rocky to the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh.

When vets took X-rays and scans they discovered a huge mass in his nasal cavities was obstructing his breathing and causing the snoring.

Rocky had the surgery under general anaesthetic, which is common for humans but can be very dangerous for horses, Miss Gillen said.

She added: "He is now making a slow but sure recovery and the staff and animals at the centre are getting a much more peaceful night's sleep."

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