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Lost cat puts pause on house sale
Wilbur has now been missing in Aberdeen for a month
A woman is paying two mortgages after refusing to move house while she searches for her missing pet cat.

Corrina Mackenzie and her 11-year-old daughter Amelia said they were "devastated" three-year-old Siamese Wilbur had vanished in Aberdeen.

The mother and daughter will not move to their new home in case Wilbur returns to the old one.

Mrs Mackenzie, offering a reward, said: "Someone may have taken him in thinking he was a stray."

No sign

They have had Wilbur since he was just a few weeks old but he has now been missing from their Old Aberdeen home for a month.

Mrs Mackenzie, a sports administrator with Aberdeen University Students' Association, told the BBC Scotland news website: "I have been phoning everyone I can think of and have been searching but nothing has turned up.

Amelia and Wilbur
Amelia has been crying herself to sleep about lost Wilbur

"We were supposed to have moved house four weeks ago and I am now paying two mortgages.

"We have not been able to move in case he comes back to the house.

"My resources are going to run out eventually.

"We are devastated, heartbroken. My daughter is crying herself to sleep at night."

Mrs Mackenzie said their other Siamese, Scooby, was also pining for Wilbur.

Wilbur is small, with a cream body and dark brown face and paws.

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