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Last Updated: Friday, 8 September 2006, 16:18 GMT 17:18 UK
Head teacher in assaults denial
Catherine Taylor
Mrs Taylor gave evidence on the fifth day of the trial
The head teacher of an Aberdeen primary school has told a court she did not assault a string of pupils.

Catherine Taylor, 46, is on trial for allegedly assaulting 10 children over several years at the school, which is not being named for legal reasons.

On the fifth day of the trial, Mrs Taylor denied taking down a boy's trousers. She said: "I would not have done it at all."

The trial, at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, was adjourned until 21 September.

Mrs Taylor is accused of assaulting the nine boys and one girl, aged between four and 11, over a six-year period.

The charges include an allegation she removed a boy's trousers and held him upside down by the legs.

She is also accused of grabbing another child's private parts and restraining another pupil by forcing him to the ground and straddling him.

'Struck me'

Mrs Taylor said the majority of the primary school's pupils came from stable backgrounds, but a number of children came from home environments that could be described as "chaotic".

She said she recalled summoning a pupil to her office for allegedly baring his bottom in the school playground. Other children were also in the office.

The head teacher said: "I said to him 'If you are so good at taking your trousers and pants down in the playground, would you like to take your trousers and pants down in here?'"

Mrs Taylor added that the boy had been embarrassed and she decided to call his mother.

She said: "The phone started to ring, he grabbed the phone receiver and struck me on the side of the head with it."

The teacher denied taking off the child's trousers, holding him by the legs and turning him upside down.

When asked if it was something she would do, she replied: "Never, I would not have done it at all, whether there were children present or not."

The court concluded hearing witness evidence on Friday and the case was adjourned for closing speeches.

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