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Pupil alleges assault by teacher
Catherine Taylor
Mrs Taylor's trial heard more assault claims on day four
A head teacher allegedly banged a schoolboy's head off a wall in her locked office after he misbehaved, a trial has heard.

Catherine Taylor, 46, from Aberdeen, denies assaulting 10 children over several years at a school, which is not being named for legal reasons.

On the fourth day of the trial the boy said Mrs Taylor took his chin in her hand and banged his head off the wall.

The trial, at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, continues.

The boy, who gave evidence by video link, said: "She banged my head off the wall twice.

"She was saying: 'I am sick of you misbehaving'."

The court heard how the boy had been taken to Mrs Taylor's office after hitting another teacher and running away.

He said he was left with "a very sore head" and was "very angry" following the alleged incident involving the head teacher.

Dinner lady

During cross-examination, Andrew Gibb, defending, asked: "I have to suggest to you that you were banging your head against the wall that day because you were so angry and Mrs Taylor told you to stop. Is that right?"

The boy said that was not the case.

Another pupil said Mrs Taylor had grabbed him by the wrist and taken him to her office after he threw a hot dog off his tray at lunchtime.

He said she later told him he would eat the hot dog but a dinner lady pointed out that it had been on the floor.

When asked how he felt about what happened, the boy said: "Sad."

The court previously heard how Mrs Taylor allegedly grabbed a boy's private parts as he waited in a dinner queue with his friends.

It was suggested to him that he had been very rude on the day in question and that Mrs Taylor may have grabbed the waistband of his trousers and told him to keep them up.

The boy said: "No, she grabbed me."

The trial has also heard a claim that Mrs Taylor left marks on a boy's neck after assaulting him.

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