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People flip for pancakes footage
Pancake film

A short film about making pancakes by an Aberdeen student has become a worldwide hit after he put it on the internet.

James Provan, 23, shot the video in his flat as a tribute to his favourite snack and placed it on the YouTube website.

It has received more then 700,000 hits and been shown to about six million viewers on American television.

The short video is accompanied by a song he composed on his keyboard.

The computer science student said: "I am quite overwhelmed.

I will go back to university unless I get any big job offers but I will still keep doing my videos for the world to enjoy
James Provan

"It is very exciting and I have already had various companies contacting me to ask if I would be interested in directing their television adverts and internet videos."

Mr Provan made the film, which shows him getting out of bed in the morning and cooking the pancakes, using a home video camera on a tripod.

'Quite proud'

He said: "I make pancakes a lot and some days I eat up to 30 of them, so I figured I would take the world into my home and show them pancakes.

"It took me a week to make, and then I put it on YouTube.

"Almost immediately I got an email from ABC's Good Morning America asking for permission to feature it on their programme.

"My family are quite proud of me and most of my friends can't believe it."

As an added bonus, the song, which he also sings, is currently sitting at number three in the Israeli radio charts.

"The fact the song is in the charts is the most random thing I have ever heard."

Mr Provan now plans to return to his second year at Aberdeen University.

He said: "I will go back to university unless I get any big job offers but I will still keep doing my videos for the world to enjoy."

His pancake clip can be seen on his www.gir2007.com.

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