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Six-year term for woman's killer
Joseph Harrison
Harrison had been detained at Carstairs before being jailed
A farm worker who strangled a mother and dumped her body in an Aberdeenshire field has been jailed for six years.

Joseph Harrison, 29, admitted the culpable homicide of prostitute Susan Third on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Harrison, from Brechin in Angus, killed 21-year-old Ms Third after "losing control" when she propositioned him in an Aberdeen street in 2005.

Her relatives at the High Court in Edinburgh criticised the sentence.

The family has set up a tribute website campaigning for the legalisation of prostitution, believing that had it been legal she could still have been alive.

Nothing that I can do, of course, can bring Susan Third back to life
Lord Abernethy

Ms Third saw Harrison weeping in his car because he had argued with his mother, then let him pour out his life story to her before saying she needed money.

CCTV security camera footage showed Harrison drawing money from a city centre cash machine before returning to his car.

He later put Ms Third's body in the boot of his car and drove it to a field before dumping it at Catterline, near Stonehaven.

Harrison left the partially-clothed body next to his car before calling his pregnant girlfriend.

'Sexual contact'

Reports by pathologists suggested Ms Third had been strangled by a ligature such as a thin cord.

The court also heard that there was a 70% chance Harrison had sexual contact with the victim after she died.

Harrison talked about hearing alien voices and believed he was just an observer on earth. He was also said to be a heavy user of amphetamine and ecstasy.

I hope you die in jail
Sandra Third
Susan Third's aunt

He spent time being assessed by doctors at the state hospital at Carstairs who said he should go to prison.

Judge Lord Abernethy told Harrison: "Nothing that I can do, of course, can bring Susan Third back to life.

"Her death is a tragedy for all concerned, particularly her family and friends and their sense of loss is a continuing one which I fully recognise."

Ms Third's aunt Sandra Third, who now looks after the victim's six-year-old child, shouted "I hope you die in jail" at Harrison as he was led away.

A family spokesperson said Ms Third's relatives felt they had been let down by the justice system from beginning to end.

The statement said: "Harrison's advocate described him as naive.

"He was not too naive to know where to pick up a working girl, brutally strangle her, conceal her body in the boot of his car and drive to a secluded location, where he violated her dead body before leaving the scene of his awful crime."

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