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England fan assaulted in Aberdeen
Keith Brazier
Keith Brazier was the victim of the attack in Aberdeen
Police in Aberdeen are investigating a racially motivated assault on a man wearing an England shirt.

Keith Brazier, 29, was attacked by a group of youths at 2030 BST on Saturday outside a supermarket on Union Street.

He was treated in hospital for his injuries and told the BBC Scotland news website: "They were round me in a clockface taking turns kicking me."

It follows a number of recent attacks on England fans in Scotland during the World Cup.

Mr Brazier was wearing an England polo shirt when he was attacked by as many as 11 youths.

We will be working to ensure this is dealt with so people can feel very welcome in this area regardless of their background
Barney Crockett
Grampian Racial Equality Council

The former military policeman, who is English but has lived in Aberdeen most of his life, said: "I was walking down Union Street with a friend to get some food after watching the football.

"I don't remember much, I was kicked on the head and then I came round in the ambulance.

"The guy with me said they were stood round me in a clockface taking turns kicking me.

"My England top is the only thing I can think of, there was no conversation ahead of the attack."

Mr Brazier said there were plenty of witnesses he was hopeful his attackers would be caught.

No complacency

Grampian Police confirmed they were treating the attack as racially motivated as there was no other obvious explanation for the attack.

One suspect was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, possibly black shoes and had gelled hair brushed forward.

Another had brown or ginger short, spiky hair and was wearing an open white short-sleeved shirt. Another had short black hair and a khaki top.

England shirt
England shirts have been a common theme in the attacks

North East Labour MSP Richard Baker told BBC Scotland: "I am concerned that we have now had three incidents in the north east where people were pinpointed because they were supporting England during the World Cup.

"We have to tackle this as a community. It's an extreme form of nationalism and it's something we cannot be complacent about.

"I will be taking it up with local agencies and the Scottish Parliament."

Barney Crockett, of Grampian Racial Equality Council (Grec), said: "It is very distressing to see this unpleasantness coming to the surface.

"We will be working to ensure this is dealt with so people can feel very welcome in this area regardless of their background."

Fan attacks

Last week it emerged that England flags had been torn from a house and burned in Stonehaven.

Alexander Clark was flying the three flags in the Aberdeenshire town to show his support for England during the finals in Germany.

On 20 June, a disabled retired postman was attacked in his car in Aberdeen while he wore an England shirt.

Ian Smith, 41, was dragged from the vehicle and beaten up. He said it was "a totally unprovoked racist attack".

In a separate incident, seven-year-old Hugo Clapshaw was punched in an Edinburgh park while he was wearing his England shirt.

The young New Zealander, who has lived in Edinburgh for two years with his family, said his attacker had told his father he should be supporting Scotland instead.

The attacks on Mr Smith and the schoolboy were being treated as football-related racist assaults.

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