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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 June 2006, 13:22 GMT 14:22 UK
'Scotland the Brave' parrot found
Lucky the parrot
Lucky is now safely back in his cage at home
A missing patriotic Aberdeen parrot which whistles Scotland the Brave has found safe - in a pub.

Lucky's owner Alison Barwell, 47, feared the worst when her African Grey went missing.

However the bird turned up two days later at the Spider's Web in Dyce and perched himself on a customer.

Ms Barwell - appropriately named considering the pub find - said: "I am delighted, we thought we would never see him again and he is still singing."

Somebody in the pub spotted a local appeal for sightings and contacted Ms Barwell.

She said: "Lucky is now safely back in his cage and seems back to normal.

"He is very cheeky, he can say his name and whistles Scotland the Brave."

Locals in the pub were rewarded with a round of drinks from Lucky's relieved and grateful owner.

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