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Shell sued by oil death partner
Victims and Brent Bravo Oil Rig
Mr Moncrieff (right) and Mr McCue died on the platform
The partner of a man who died on a North Sea oil platform is seeking 800,000 in damages.

Keith Moncrieff, 45, and Sean McCue, 22, died after being overcome with gas on Shell's Brent Bravo in 2003.

Mr Moncrieff's partner Jacqueline Ogilvie has now launched an action seeking damages from both Shell and also Wood Group, which employed him.

Shell has already been fined 900,000 and the result of a fatal accident inquiry is also due soon.

Mr Moncrieff, from Invergowrie, Dundee, and Mr McCue, from Kennoway, Fife, were inspecting a pipe on Brent Bravo, which lies 116 miles north-east of Shetland, when they died.

The entire family are devastated by their loss and have still not come to terms with it
George Clark
Quantum Claims

The men had gone to inspect a leaky patch in the platform's utility leg.

Mrs Ogilvie, 49, from Dundee, had alleged "negligent actings" in her action at the Court of Session in Edinburgh.

Mrs Ogilvie's legal representative, George Clark, of Aberdeen-based Quantum Claims, said: "Mr Moncrieff had formed a close relationship with Mrs Ogilvie and her children.

"The entire family are devastated by their loss and have still not come to terms with it.

Crucial issue

"She has launched that action because she believes the defendants have breached certain statutory duties and, accordingly, she is entitled to recovery.

"This is a matter that could be settled out of court, but if that is not possible it will or can go to a hearing which would be some time in the middle of next year."

Both Shell and Wood Group have declined to comment for legal reasons.

Failure to carry out a risk assessment on the North Sea platform was the crucial issue in the death of two oil workers, the fatal accident inquiry at Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard.

Sheriff Colin Harris is expected to issue his written determination shortly.

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