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Hopes of fitting tags to ospreys

Ospreys migrate between Scotland and Africa

RSPB Scotland is pinning hopes on three osprey eggs at one of its reserves hatching and then being able to track two of the young via satellite.

An adult female called EJ has returned to Loch Garten near Aviemore to breed after spending the winter in Africa.

Her clutch should start hatching in about two weeks. If all three emerge, the two strongest will be tagged.

Last year's young - nicknamed Nethy and Deshar - were tagged but died during migration.

Staff at the reserve revealed their hopes in a blog posted on a website dedicated to Loch Garten's osprey.

Visitors are also able to see the nest and the birds on the site via a webcam.

EJ mated with a male nicknamed Odin.

His good record for catching fish and delivering them to the female has been a highlight for the RSPB bloggers.

Staff hope to raise £4,500 to help cover the cost of tagging any new chicks.

Nethy was thought to have died earlier this year after migrating to Africa.

Her brother Deshar died last October after making a "navigational error" and missed landfall in the Azores.

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