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Potting shed physics lectures bid

Dr Albert Einstein
Dr Albert Einstein expounded his Special Theory of Relativity

A science festival's organisers claim they will host what could be the world's shortest physics lectures, which will be delivered in a shed.

Two talks lasting two minutes each for an audience of one person will be given on relativity and quantum theory.

The lectures, which will be repeated during 1 November, open this year's Highland Science Festival.

Organiser Howie Firth said: "It really started with thinking about the book A Brief History of Time."

'Very brief'

He added: "People sometimes ask for a concise account of some of the exciting concepts of modern physics.

"So we thought it would be a good challenge to try to encapsulate two of the key ideas into two minutes each. You could call it a kind of Very Brief History of Time."

A Brief History of Time was written by Stephen Hawking.

Engineer Bill Graham, who will deliver the lecture on relativity, said: "We will have a team of helpers moving people into position and out again, and we reckon that we can reduce the turn-round time to no more than one minute.

"So with two minutes for each lecture, we ought to be able to notch up 20 an hour."

Albert Einstein was the originator of the theory of relativity.

The potting shed will be set up in Borders Bookstore in Inverness Retail Park.

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