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'Intruder' seen off at nest site

An osprey
Ospreys migrate to the Highlands to breed

A female osprey who regularly migrates to a Highlands reserve to breed has seen off a rival for her nest site.

RSPB Scotland have pinned hopes on EJ having a successful season at Loch Garten, near Aviemore, after two separate clutches failed last year.

Trouble looked to be brewing over the weekend when another female landed on the nest.

However, reserve staff said EJ frightened the bird away by circling the site and making alarm calls.

Live images of the nest site are being streamed on the internet. There is also a blog, or internet diary, which is updated by staff.

Trampled on

Last year's breeding season at Loch Garten was brought to an abrupt end following a series of unfortunate events.

A male called Henry kicked eggs, fathered by a rival, from a nest, before his own clutch failed.

It was thought that he accidentally trampled on one of his three offspring while trying to free himself from a piece of fishing line.

Days later the two remaining chicks also died.

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