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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 January 2008, 00:44 GMT
Chief recounts dog team's chase
Police dog. (Pic: Northern Constabulary)
Dogs were involved in 41 drug searches in recent months
A police dog and its handler's chase in the dark over rocky terrain has been revealed by Northern Constabulary's chief constable.

In a report, Ian Latimer said the pair tracked and apprehended the "main suspect" in a series of post office break-ins and other crimes.

Mr Latimer also told of a search dog locating drugs and a large quantity of cash on its first job for the force.

The details are given in a report to Friday's Northern Joint Police Board.

Another of the handlers and his canine companion located a safe from one of the break-ins
Ian Latimer
Chief constable

Three handlers were tasked in the search for suspects involved in break-ins across the Highlands and neighbouring force areas.

In his report, Mr Latimer said: "On one occasion when the thieves were disturbed in Lochaber, during the hours of darkness, and made their getaway over hillside and rocky terrain, a handler and his dog tracked, chased and apprehended the main suspect.

"Another of the handlers and his canine companion located a safe from one of the break-ins."

Northern's dog section were also key in arrests following break-ins, an assault and an alleged stabbing.

Forty-one drug dog searches carried out between 1 October and 31 December, the period of time covered in the report.

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