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Last Updated: Friday, 9 March 2007, 16:44 GMT
Grey shade too far for councillor
Land Rover
Land Rover said it had enjoyed a close association with Scotland
Land Rover has angered a Western Isles councillor after promoting a new colour called Stornoway Grey.

Angus Nicolson claimed the colour will damage the town's image among tourists and leave people with the impression that it was drab and dull.

The councillor has called on the car manufacturing giant to rename it Silvery Stornoway.

However, Land Rover said it was one of its strongest colours and that it will help "keep" Stornoway on the map.

Mr Nicolson said: "This is deeply insulting and is offensive, inaccurate and inherently degrading.

"This will hit tourism as it subliminally implants adverse connotations in the minds of those who have never experienced the reality of these beautiful islands."

A spokesman for Land Rover said Stornoway had replaced a previous colour scheme, Bonatti Grey.

He said: "Far from damaging tourism to the island the use of Stornoway Grey will help keep it on the map.

"Grey is an extremely popular colour in our range."

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