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Last Updated: Monday, 25 June 2007, 14:56 GMT 15:56 UK
MPs call for cheap fuel rejected
A petrol pump
Fuel can come at a high price in the Highlands and Islands
Drivers in remote parts of the Highlands and Islands should pay less duty on fuel than other parts of the UK, according to the Liberal Democrats.

Their Highland MPs tried, but failed, to get an amendment passed that would see petrol prices in the north cut by nearly 2.5p a litre.

Fuel in parts of the Highlands and Islands can be as much as 10p more a litre than in cities.

The Liberal Democrats said they will continue to fight for concessions.

The MPs had wanted a clause added to a finance bill that went before the House of Commons on Monday night.

The clause would have allowed fuel duty to be cut in the most remote parts of Britain, but it was rejected.

Treasury cost

EU rules allow countries to discount fuel duty to help drivers in more rural areas and Portugal and Greece make use of it for their offshore islands.

If approved in Scotland, the amendment would have covered smaller communities like Aviemore, Wick and Thurso as well as areas like the Western isles and much of the west coast.

The scheme would have cost the Treasury around 32m to fund.


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