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Misbah refuses to leave Pakistan
Misbah says she wants to stay with her father in Pakistan

The schoolgirl Misbah Rana has said that she will not leave Pakistan to go back to the UK as ordered by a court.

In an interview with the BBC following a judge's decision at the high court in Lahore, the 12-year-old said she was "angry" and "scared".

Misbah, also known as Molly Campbell, flew from Scotland to be with her father Sajad Rana in August.

Her mother, Louise Campbell, who lives in the Western Isles, has interim custody of the girl.

Mr Rana said he will lodge an appeal at the supreme court in Lahore to prevent his daughter being sent back to the UK.

Misbah told the BBC she wanted to stay in Pakistan with her father and revealed how she felt about the judge's ruling on Wednesday, which has ordered that she be handed over to the British High Commission within seven days.

I'm going to have to stay here, I have to stay here, I'm not going to go back
Misbah Rana

She said: "I was really, really, really upset and I was really angry about what the judge said.

"When the judge left I was crying so much. And when we were coming back I was crying, I was crying so much all day.

"But I was scared. I thought that's me - I'm going to have to go back."

She added: "But I'm still keeping thinking 'no that's not true, he's going to change his mind' - I'm going to have to stay here, I have to stay here, I'm not going to go back."

Legal agreement

The ruling in Lahore concerned whether an order by the Court of Session in Edinburgh last June giving interim custody to Ms Campbell, from Stornoway, was violated.

It was also in line with a legal agreement on how cases involving children who are resident in the UK but are taken to Pakistan should be handled.

Mr Rana hopes his appeal will result in the suspension of the high court order.

The businessman said: "We will lodge the appeal tomorrow and I am hopeful that this will give us some relief and some time.

"I don't know if that will mean that my daughter doesn't have to go home until the appeal is heard but I hope this is the case."

Misbah/Molly and her father Sajad
Misbah with her father, far right, and his solicitor Abdul Basit

He added: "All I can do is hope really. I have to fight to the end for my daughter. This is what she wants me to do."

Ms Campbell has an action lodged with the Court of Session for permanent custody of her daughter.

Misbah and her father also have papers lodged with the Edinburgh court defending the action.

Ms Campbell said she was overjoyed that her daughter would be coming back to Scotland but added that Misbah would be "confused and scared".

Misbah Rana speaks out after the ruling

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