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Tourist attacker jailed for life
Marty Layman-Mendonca - Pic: Spindrift
Ms Layman-Mendonca died after being flown home to the US
A 34-year-old man who left a US tourist for dead after beating her with a metal pipe has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Colin Ross attacked school teacher Marty Layman-Mendonca as she walked near Inverness in July.

The 57-year-old primary school teacher from Vermont was left in a coma and later died after being flown to the US.

Ross became the first person to get an Order for Lifelong Restriction (OLR), meaning he will be monitored for life.

Sentencing Ross at the High Court in Edinburgh, Lord Wheatley ordered him to serve at least 20 years before he is considered for parole.

Ross, who admitted her attempted murder at an earlier hearing, was told that he had committed a "savage and senseless" assault on a defenceless middle-aged woman.

Northern Constabulary, whose officers found Ms Layman-Mendonca and later arrested Ross, welcomed the sentence.

Ross was the subject of a Sexual Offence Prevention Order (SOPO) when he launched his attack.

German tourist

The OLR is part of new measures introduced in June and is aimed at stopping dangerous criminals from re-offending by monitoring them for life.

The attack happened less than a month after Ross, of Waterloo Place, Inverness, was freed from a three-year jail sentence for attacking a female German tourist in 2004.

Great Glen Ways sign
The school teacher was walking the Great Glen Ways

After assaulting Ms Layman-Mendonca, Ross stole from her, tied her wrists together with shoelaces and dumped her in woods.

The tourist was on her third visit to Scotland and had been walking the last six miles of a solo trek along the Great Glen Ways, south of Inverness, when Ross struck.

She was later found by police after a companion reported her missing.

After being treated at Raigmore Hospital Ms Layman-Mendonca was flown to a medical centre near her home in Vermont in September.

She was later transferred to a rehabilitation centre in Bangor, Maine, where she died.

A reconstruction of the victim's last walk

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