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Widow in new appeal over killer
Veronica Wilson and Det Ch Insp Peter MacPhee
Veronica Wilson and Det Ch Insp Peter MacPhee
The widow of murdered banker Alistair Wilson has appealed to those who know the identity of the killer to come forward and tell police.

Veronica Wilson spoke at a news conference held by Northern Constabulary on the second anniversary of the shooting in Nairn.

The detective leading the investigation also said "somebody out there" holds the key to solving the crime.

Mr Wilson, 30, was shot on the doorstep of the family home in 2004.

He was gunned down after Mrs Wilson had answered their front door to a man who asked for her husband by name.

The banker's widow told the conference in the small chapel of the Newton Hotel in Nairn how the events of that night continue to cause her pain.

What I find it hard to believe is the people around him - that know he is responsible - haven't come forward to end this torture
Veronica Wilson

She said: "I just can't believe this person came to our family home to do this.

"You are haunted with this image at your door.

"What I find hard to believe is the people around him - that know he is responsible - haven't come forward to end this torture."

Mrs Wilson also spoke her eldest son's questions about the "bad man" who killed his father.

She said: "His questions are now more about the bad man and that will only get worse as he gets older."

Asked about local reaction two years on, Mrs Wilson said she had received great support from other parents at her children's school.

About the night her husband was murdered, she said: "Hopefully people just realise it was a couple getting ready for Christmas."

Murder inquiry by numbers
Alistair Wilson
3,500 witness statements taken
Police have followed up 8,000 lines of enquiry
561 officers have been involved in the probe

Reminders that others are gearing up for the festive season at this time while the Wilson household deals with another anniversary of the shooting are never far away.

Even in the chapel, just hidden behind a white board adorned with Northern Constabulary's name and motto, was a Christmas tree.

The officer leading the murder inquiry, Detective Chief Inspector Peter MacPhee, praised the "professionalism, commitment and tenacity" of the Northern Constabulary officers who have been involved.

A team of 10 officers has been continuing the investigation.

In a message to Mr Wilson's killer and to those who know him, Mr MacPhee said: "I remain confident there is somebody out there who holds the key to this case and I would urge them to have the moral courage even at this late stage to come forward."

The senior investigating officer, who has consulted with counterparts from across the UK on how to progress the investigation, said he hoped the press conference would prompt fresh calls from the public.

Police appear no nearer to finding the killer

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