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Last Updated: Friday, 15 December 2006, 10:28 GMT
NHS board's finance gap revealed
Western Isles Hospital
The running of health services is being overseen by a task force
A task force sent to resolve problems at Western Isles Health Board found its spending plans had been running at 4.5m more than the authority's income.

Cuts have been made by the Scottish Executive-appointed team to bring outgoings under control.

Further constraints include a freeze on vacancies and reducing the number of staff allowed to place orders from 52 to six.

Malcolm Wright, interim chief executive, said work was continuing.

He said: "What we have done since we have come in is really look at all of the budgets on a line-by-line basis and it became apparent that there was actually more money sitting in budgets than there was income to cover it.

"We have done a very full analysis of that position and, yes, it did transpire that some 4.5m was put into people's budgets that there wasn't income to cover - that's quite a serious issue."

Mr Wright said discussions have been held with budget holders and spending plans pulled back to match the income coming into the organisation.

He added: "Budget holders know the financial targets that they need to hit and we are working very, very closely and intensively with budget holders to make sure that happens."

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